According to statistics as many as 60% of all American women and men suffer from some form of vein disorder, but women are more often affected. For women age 35-59, approximately 50% are affected and this percentage increases with age. It also is estimated that 41% of all women will suffer from abnormal leg veins by age 50s.
The symptoms caused by varicose and spider veins range from a cosmetic nuisance to an aching, heavy or cramping sensation, to a painful condition that limits enjoyable activities or even the ability to work. The most severe cases can lead to significant swelling and ulcer formations on the legs.

Our Approach

Vora Vein and PAD Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease.  Our diagnostic services include a vascular lab with state of the art duplex ultrasound for screening and identification of vein disease.  The most effective and modern treatments are used by our board certified physician, Dr. Kishor Vora. All treatments are on an outpatient basis and are minimally invasive. The patient may resume normal activity immediately. 

Dr. Vora is one of the Owensboro's most experienced physicians in laser closure!